We support and facilitate participatory processes and create solutions to sustainable development

Our programmes and technologies provide individuals, communities, and organisations with transformative solutions to sustainable development

Our programmes and technologies are drivers of sustainable territorial development

Sustainable Territorial Development Technologies

We believe that through the articulation of the different actors of each territory (government, companies, community enterprises and civil society, etc.), we can provoke and facilitate processes of sustainable development.


We follow stages for territorial development, initiated by participatory diagnosis; facilitations of "collective dreaming"; identification of priority value chains; catalyzing local projects and businesses; training of young and adult leaders; celebration of achievements; and continuous process monitoring.

Our main initiatives are: Observatory for Sustainable Territorial Development (ODETES). Terrarium (territorial development method). Applied Social Technology: Sustainable Territorial Development Ruler (RDTS).

Sustainable Value Chains

We are in rural and urban environments, working with value chains that contribute positively to the context of climate change, low carbon agriculture and sustainable forest management.


We work with corporate sustainability, with community businesses and large companies, with the objective of working the necessary actions throughout the value chain, also articulating actions with partners and institutions.


We support business both in technical perspective (management, management, production processes, value added, access to markets, differentiation and traceability), and human (social organization and community engagement, communication and conflict resolution, cooperation, teamwork etc) .

Our main initiative is: "Co-Labora ITES", an inclusive community business incubator. Applied Social Technology: Maturity Scale for Business in Value Chains.

Education for Sustainable Development

Inspire and contribute to the human and citizen formation of leaders who positively impact the world.


We work with community organizations, businesses, NGOs, schools and governments to support the formation of leaders for sustainable development, focusing on civic engagement, social entrepreneurship, social justice and human rights.


We walk a path of development of social-emotional competences guided by non-violent communication, Conflict resolution; team work; empathy and ethics.

Our main initiatives and social technologies are: "Young Transformers Program (PJT)" and "Leadership 2030".


Instituto Terroá is a non-profit, civil association organisation established in 2015. We work on local solutions to global challenges, adopt a

holistic approach, and come up with impactful strategies that connect political, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions of different territories and their particularities.